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  • Creating the best mental health care — for everyone

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Meet the Staff

Direct Line: 416.979.6909
Fax: 416.979.6910

To phone staff please dial: 416.535.8501 followed by the extension.
To email staff please use: firstname.lastname@camh.ca

President's Office
Deborah Gillis President & CEO Ext. 34393
Kathryn Stephens Executive Assistant Ext. 32436

Major Gifts & Corporate
Doug Earle Senior VP, Major Gifts Ext. 36013
Wade Hall VP, Campaign Ext. 31239
Penny Bird Rudder Executive Assistant Ext. 32396
Chris Ide AVP, Corporate Development Ext. 30709
Ann Symington Director, Principal Gifts Ext. 34598
Katia Mercuri Manager, Major Gift Programs Ext. 34324
Udai Srinivasan Senior Development Officer Ext. 36251
Lesley McCarroll Senior Development Officer Ext. 30826
Katy Rea Senior Development Officer Ext. 33832
Yishey Choden Senior Development Office Corporate Development Ext. 30838
Kristina Kramer Corporate & Cause Marketing Associate Ext. 33844
Marcelina Weiss Development Associate Ext. 30778
Alison Parks Development Coordinator, Major Gifts Ext. 31103
Kristian Piraino Development Coordinator, Major Gifts Ext. 33225

Direct Marketing
Samantha Cooke Associate VP, Direct Marketing & Community Giving Ext. 33660
Maura Kilcoyne Executive Assistant Ext. 33836
Danielle Renaud Executive Assistant Ext. 33819
Kevin Brezina Manager, Monthly Giving Ext. 30558
Sacha Michna Manager, Peet to Peer Ext. 32623
Jennie Lee Development Officer Ext. 34395
Drish Bajaj Manager Annual Giving Ext. 30476
Allison Drew Development Associate Ext. 34634
Ana Matkovic Development Associate, Acquisition Ext. 39585

Operations & Finance
Greg King VP, Finance & Chief Operating Officer Ext. 34561
Allison Smith Director, Fundraising Operations Ext. 34660
Carla Silva Director, Finance Ext. 33829
Dianne Phan Senior Development Research Officer - on Maternity Leave Ext. 33810
Katie Agostino Development Research Officer Ext. 30825
Lee Gounden Database Manager Ext. 34093
Michelle Christian Board Administrator Ext. 33811
Dale Chymko Financial Accountant Ext. 30025
Tonia Thompson Financial Accountant Ext. 30448
Katie McNulty Donations Processing Associate Ext. 39226
Adriana Tramontana Donations Processing Associate Ext. 30391
Sarah Cook Donations Processing Associate Ext. 39226
Alana John Donations Processing Associate Ext. 30391
Holly Abell Operations Assistant Ext. 30823
Wil Steller Operations Officer Ext. 34511
Anna Vinarev Grant Accountant Ext. 30640
Heidi Gu Junior Accountant Ext. 33929
Chris Forget Customer Service Representative Ext. 34782
Samiva Sherif Customer Service Representative Ext. 31953

Communications, Brand, Donor Relations & Events
Danielle Donadio VP, Communications & Brand Ext. 33823
Suzanne Duncan Associate VP, Donor Relations Ext. 36272
Geoffrey Chown Director, Events Ext. 34220
Lidia Franchitto Development Officer, Events Ext. 36169
Valerie Meek Senior Development Writer Ext. 34396
Lisa Plenderleith Senior Development Writer Ext. 32630
Trina Klinck Senior Manager, Digital and Content Marketing Ext. 34691
Karen Cleveland Senior Manager, Communications Ext. 30798
Emma Leverty Digital Coordinator Ext. 34301
Emma Kimmerly Communications Coordinator Ext. 33201
Elizabeth Fraser Donor Relations Officer Ext. 33833
Christine Gresham Donor Relations Officer Ext. 33824
Dawn Green Donor Relations Officer, Recognition Ext. 32795
Candice Valentine Donor Relations Officer, Stewardship Ext. 30089
Aiden Cooper Donor Relations Coordinator Ext. 39042
Centre for Addiction and Mental Health Foundation

Charitable Number:

100 Stokes Street, 5th Floor
Bell Gateway Building
Toronto, ON M6J 1H4

Toll-Free: 1.800.414.0471
Telephone: 416.979.6909
Fax: 416.979.6910 or fax the hospital

Need Mental Health Help?

CAMH operates central clinical and research facilities in Toronto. We also have 9 locations throughout the province that provide communities with education and support for program development, health promotion and prevention.

Find Help

Or contact the hospital toll-free at 1.800.463.6273