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Mental illness is one of the top causes that Canadians want Corporate Canada to support. And, CAMH is Canada’s leading brand for mental health.

Nearly 84% of Canadian consumers would switch brands to one associated with a good cause if price and quality were the same1.  Partnering with CAMH is more than an exceptional way to contribute to society – it’s also a smart business decision.

Why companies should support CAMH:

According to Ipsos Reid research1, 95 per cent of people agree that companies should support good causes, and mental health is one of the top causes consumers feel companies should support. Yet only 7 per cent of Canadian companies identify mental health as one of their top five priority areas of focus, according to the Conference Board of Canada.2

According to a Northwestern University study, the extent to which organizations are "doing good" for their communities and the world does matter to employees. Organizations that offer corporate citizenship programs do indeed benefit from significantly more engaged employees. In addition, the more committed an organization is to breadth and depth of their corporate citizenship programming and the more hands on employees can be, the higher their engagement scores.3

A new study that set out to “fill a knowledge gap” around the real impact of corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs found that well-designed CSR programs have the potential to increase a company’s revenues by up to 20 per cent, strengthen customer loyalty by 60 per cent and allow for premium prices to be charged on products and services.4

Your organization can get involved in the following ways


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Did you know?

of Canadian consumers would switch brands to the one associated with a good cause if price and quality were the same*.

of consumers have a more positive image of a company engaged in corporate social responsibility****.

Mental health
is one of the top four causes that Canadians feel companies should be supporting*.

Mental illness is the leading cause of workplace disability in Canada; 500,000 people miss work every week

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