Breakthrough Campaign

CAMH launched the $200 million Breakthrough Campaign to transform mental health care in Canada and around the world.

Society is only at the early stages of understanding, treating and preventing the devastating impacts of mental illness and addiction. But there is enormous potential. At the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, we are on the cusp of being able to change not just one life, but millions around the world. And we are the place that will do it. We must create the facilities, invest in the research and educate the people who will make it happen.

A Worldwide Crisis

Mental illness is a leading cause of disability in Canada

of mental health problems and illnesses have their onset during childhood or adolescence

$51 billion
estimated cost per year of mental illness to the Canadian economy

Canadians are unable to work in any given week because of mental illness

increase in unique patients at CAMH projected in the next two decades


The Breakthrough Campaign will allow us to:

Help more people recover, faster
Our clinicians treat patients in CAMH’s hospital setting and beyond – in community clinics, in group homes, on the street, in court, in remote communities and through the web.

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Inspire hope through discovery
Our research is interwoven with our clinical care. Our work spans brain science, clinical and community-based research, knowledge transfer and commercialization – all aimed at improving lives.

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Stop mental illness from destroying lives
Home to one of the largest psychiatric training programs in the world, CAMH is poised to revolutionize mental health education.

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Centre for Addiction and Mental Health Foundation

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Need Mental Health Help?

CAMH operates central clinical and research facilities in Toronto. We also have 9 locations throughout the province that provide communities with education and support for program development, health promotion and prevention.

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